The ISDUE - International Social Democratic Union for Education

was founded on July 27th in 1951, Versailles (France), as International Union of Social Democratic Teachers (IUSDT) -- Union internationale des enseignants socialistes -- Unión Internacional de Profesores Socialistas Demócratas -- Internationale Union Sozialistischer Demokratischer Erzieher (IUSDE) .


ISDUE has a worldwide network of national organisations. The members are either social-democratic / socialist Parties, affiliated to the Socialist International, or educational organisations associated to the Parties.

Mission Statement

Statement in English
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Statement in German
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Our aims are to:

  • unite all socialist educational organisations sharing a political responsibility and an affiliation to a section of the Socialist International;

  • link internationally all groups of teachers and professors affiliated to the Socialist International and other persons having official educational responsibility;

  • coordinate efforts of member organizations to use teaching in all countries to promote social justice, respect of human rights, peace and international understanding;

  • focus educational discussion and work on the new world dimension, including the situation in Europe and problems of developing countries.

  • advocate optimum education of the individual and improvement in society's standard of education;

  • prepare the individual for life in society on the basis of equal opportunity;

  • promote the passing of spiritual and cultural heritage from generation to generation;

  • emphasize tolerance and cooperation between different groups in multicultural societies and finally to

  • Realize the idea of democratic socialism;